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Years ago I used to carry a camera with me everywhere I went, seriously everywhere! It got to the point where people used to say "hey you're that photographer I've seen around!" I wasn't really much of a photographer back then, taking pictures of puddles, flowers, and people on every street corner, but I knew that's who I wanted to be. I have never given up that dream.

Now I am a creative, hard working, DREAMER.

I am sincere in my desire to help others receive the benefits of the fun filled artistic experiences I capture through photographs. I use my years of experience to create the unique and lasting photographs that people are looking for.

Want to know more? Need help refining your portrait experience? I would love to meet and discuss how I am able to help you go from a place of uncertainty to a place of confidence and clarity that will help you create memories and art that will be sure to become a family treasure.

Thanks so much for your interest in my photography! I look forward to hearing from you!


Tyler C. McIntyre

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